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Hello there! I am Aychele Hill, a clean beauty enthusiast, skin care & botanical perfume formulator, plant whisperer and holistic wellness advocate. 

After a long time struggling to find an effective solution for my very sensitive skin, I realized that most of skincare products on the market were filled with toxic synthetic ingredients. They were harming my health and the planet. So I went on a quest to find the most phytonutrient rich botanicals from all over the world and began to create my own formulas.

In the past seven years I have been studying and practicing South American shamanism while pursuing studies in herbalism.

I was born in Brazil and since my childhood I have been enamoured by the native culture and the exuberant flora of the Amazon rain forest. 

I had the vision for the creation of Manaòs during a meditation introspection, where I felt a strong sense of interconnectedness with all life.

Breathing deeply in the center of calm abiding, I felt my body pulsating within the rhythm of the earth. A stream of profuse light showered down through the crown of my head into the chambers of my heart.

In my mind’s eye I saw the luxuriant woods of the forest.

In a glimpse of transparency, I could see the flux of all succulent substances in the form of sap, resin and oils, running slowly inside of the majestic trees and concentrating inside of nuts, fruits and seeds.

I felt my own body merging with the forest’s body, and I entered   in communion with the deep source of life that emanates from that soil.

The life buzzing in its myriad of shapes, insects, plants, animals, people.

I saw the native people, those who call the forest "home", as the guardians of that place.

Then I felt the aching of the massive destruction that has been happening to the Amazon in the past decades till this day. I felt the urge to help in the preservation of that immense treasure.

I realized that one of the ways of helping to protect the land and take care of the people is to encourage the sustainable harvesting of the precious resources from the forest and spread the use of the unique elixirs that originate in there to the world. Thus, the living forest can thrive in all of its vibrance.

In the beginning of 2017...

I went to Brazil to participate in a Shamanic Festival festival with the indigenous tribes Huni Kuin and Yawanawa.

During the festival I met Alexander Hill, who would become my husband and business partner. We both are very grateful to the generosity of the indigenous culture and medicines that brought so much healing and awareness into our lives.

Together we are visionaries and co-creators, building up a conscious business that helps to protect and empower the people of the forest.

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