MANAÒS is a tribute to the precious life force and beauty that originates in the Amazon rainforest.

The forest inspires us to handcraft skincare delicacies and botanical scents using only precious, natural and wholesome ingredients, which are organically grown or wild-harvested and are sourced in a sustainable manner.

In one of the indigenous languages of the Amazon, Manaòs means "Mother of Gods”, evoking the creative power of nature.

We are mesmerized by the way nature expresses itself in the myriad of different species in the unique environment of the Amazon rainforest. Its magnificent tall trees produce lavishing rare oils, flowers, barks and resins exude delightful scents and mineral rich clays paint the soil with various colours.

In our vision, beauty comes from a sense of well being that emerges from the feeling of inner peace and connection with nature.

The Amazonian ecoregion has unparalleled biological richness and lots of its species are still unknown. Protecting, researching and understanding this intricate web of landscapes and ecosystems is important for us.

Manaòs is about connection, conscious choices and love.

We believe in beauty care that touches all dimensions of our body, mind and soul.

Our practices are rooted in fair-trade and sustainable development. 

When we bring home the prized botanical essences from the forest, we help to protect it. Our beauty is ever expanding, from inside out, by our actions and intentions.

We support the preservation of indigenous lands and culture. We encourage the education and autonomy of local communities with the empowerment of women and men, as they are the noble guardians of the forest.

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