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with Intention

From the heart of the Amazon rain forest to yours.

elevate your self-care rituals with the finest skincare and botanical scents



Handcrafted with wild-harvested & organic botanicals from the Amazon and beyond.

Fair-trade, non-toxic, vegan & cruelty-free.

You are invited to create a blissful connection with the bountiful life force vibrating in the naturally sophisticated formulas. 

Our collection is created to soothe, balance and nourish the skin. We carefully choose ingredients that are safe and gentle for the most sensitive skin types. 

Our botanical formulas aim to efficiently support the renewal of skin cells, improve the production of collagen, keep the skin moisturized and help to calm down inflammations.

Our botanical scents are formulated using extracts of flowers, leaves, resins, barks and roots, made to elevate your mood and rise your vibration.

Our mission

We create artisanal, luxurious, organic and natural solutions for well-being and beauty care. Our practices are rooted in choices that promote sustainability and harmony within ourselves, our communities and the planet.

Inspired by the extraordinary biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest, we like to celebrate the diversity in all human shapes and colours, encouraging every person to cultivate and express their unique beauty.

We are devoted to generate a positive change in how women and men of all ages perceive their own beauty and make conscious choices for caring for their bodies and for the environment.

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